Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Former Time editor advocates charging for newspaper content

Aspen Institute director Walter Isaacson, formerly the managing editor at Time, is on a media blitz with his idea to save newspapers, or more specifically, the system of reporting provided by traditional newspapers.

He has written an article for Time and appeared on The Daily Show yesterday, pushing his idea of charging for newspaper content on the Web, much as iTunes charges using for downloading songs.

Our guest on Wednesday, Steve Outing, likely will have a few ideas on this, so read and watch.

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Steve said...

As a matter of fact, I completely disagree with Isaacson and think he's doing a major disservice to the news industry by pushing for micropayments for online content. Happy to discuss tomorrow.

Also watch for my new E&P column, which is supposed to go live later today and which presents an alternative to Isaacson's flawed and dangerous vision. Check editorandpublisher.com later today.

Steve Outing