Monday, January 26, 2009

Spring Semester 2009 schedule, Part I

Introduction to Class and Blogging
Wednesday, Jan. 21
Course Introduction
Why Online Journalism is Different and Why You Should Care (PP)

Monday, Jan. 26
Before Class: Read Introduction and Chapters 1 and 2 from Briggs
Journalistic Blogging (PP)
Lab: Exercises from Chapters 1 and 2

Wednesday, Jan. 28
Before Class: Read Chapter 5: How to Blog
Prepare Blog Beat Coverage Plan
Lab: Set up and Begin Blogging
Homework Reading: "Daily posts, perseverance make the difference . . ."
"How to Make Your Blog a Paying Business"
"Papers must charge for Web sites to survive"

Convergence, Citizen Journalism and the Business of Online Journalism
Monday, Feb. 2
State of the News Media 2008
Class: Discussion of readings
Lab: Review First Blog Entries and Revise (Peer Editing Exercise)

Wednesday, Feb. 4 (Bring your audio recorders)
Readings for Class: Chapters 3 and 7 of Briggs
"Non-profit journalism" available at RamCT
Rocky Mountain News: "Non-profit newspaper? Nonsense" "Denver journalists hold candlelight vigil" (click on and watch/read links)
Class: Discussion of readings
Lab: Begin Audio Project: "Classmate Interview with Photo”

Monday, Feb. 9
Readings for class: Nicholas Lemann: "Amateur Hour: Journalism without Journalists"
“Citizen Journalism” “A Most Useful Definition of Citizen Journalism” by Jay Rosen
Class: Guest Speaker: Steve Harbula,

Wednesday, Feb. 11
First Hour: Guest Speaker Steve Outing
Second Hour: “Convergence Continuum”
Before Class: “Convergence Defined” by Rich Gordon

Monday, Feb. 16
Class: “News War, Part III” video and discussion
Readings for Class: TBA
Lab: Editing of first audio project

Wednesday, Feb. 18
Audio project due at 1 p.m.
Class: “News War, Part III” video and discussion completed
Readings for Class: TBA
Lab: Listen to and discuss Lab Project “Classmate Interview”