Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The final projects are here!


These are the final multimedia projects done by the students in this class:

Team No. 1 put together a package on Old Town Fort Collins, and they chose to tell the story chronologically, personifying Old Town in a kind of Day-in-the-Life-of project. Team No. 1: Amy McHone, project manager; Kendall Storaci, Web designer; Micka King, multimedia reporter; and Lauren Karpiel, reporter/writer.

Team No. 2 focused its project on a local band, Roe, with an eye toward telling the story of how difficult it is to "make it" in a crowded music scene. Team No. 2: Ryan Breen, project manager; Leslie Stinson, Web designer; Rebecca Howard, multimedia reporter; and Mary Warren, reporter/writer.

Team No. 3 focused on World AIDS Day and told stories about the scourge from a local perspective. Team No. 3: Trevor Simonton, project manager; Rachel Timmons, Web designer; Katelyn Mahoney, multimedia reporter; and Angie Pittman, reporter/writer.

Team No. 4 tells about the difficulty of finding a sober ride in Fort Collins and of dealing with the problems created by drunken driving. Team No. 4: Shanna Pittman, project manager; Josh Arnold, Web designer; Joseph O'Malley, multimedia reporter; and Ashlee Omerigic, reporter/writer.

Enjoy and have a great semester break.