Sunday, March 29, 2009

The stretch run: class schedule weeks 10-16

Longer Podcasts, Standards, Law, and Ethics
Monday, March 30
Class: “Radio News Packages versus Online Audio News Packages"
Guest Instructor, Mario Caballero, KCSU-FM and Student Media
Lab: Audio Script Writing/Natural Sound Gathering/Package Planning

Wednesday, April 2
Class: Introduction to first Web site critique (legacy news sites vs. online only sites) due 4/15
Lab: Second audio project editing work

Monday, April 6
No class scheduled Lab open to work on audio editing, if needed

Wednesday, April 8
Class: “Legal and Ethical Issues Online”
Readings for class: "Diversity at Work: Rewriting the American Story" by Tom Huang
"RTNDA Survey: Women, Minorities Progress in TV Newsrooms" by Jill Geisler
"Legal and business advice for online publishers and bloggers" by Kim Pearson
Lab: Second audio project editing
Project is due before class April 13, posted on or linked from blog site

Multi-media Reporting and Design
Monday, April 13
Class: Introduction to in-depth cooperative “Multi-Media Reporting” and Planning Guide
Reading for class: Chapters 9, 10 and 11 from Briggs and "Multi-media Storytelling" by Jane Stevens
Lab : Form teams and brainstorm assignment

Wednesday, April 15
First Web site critique due
Story idea due
Readings for class: "Video Techniques" and "Standups and Voice-overs"

Monday, April 20
Class: “Basic Online Design Usability” with guest instructor Mike Gaede
Group outline/Package Planning Guide due

Wednesday, April 22
Introduction to second Web site critique assignment (multimedia packages) due 4/29
Newsroom: Groups meet after Web site critique assignment
Readings for class: "Google Map Basics" by Jerry Monti
"Map Mashup Resources" by Jerry Monti
"Using Spreadsheet Data in Google Maps and Google Earth" by Jerry Monti
Lab: Work on critique and/or group project

Monday, April 27
Class: Newsroom (Your group must meet at 1 p.m.)
Lab: Work on critique and/or group project

Wednesday, April 29
Second Web site critique due Class: Newsroom (Your group must meet at 1 p.m.)

Monday, May 4
Class: Newsroom (Your group must meet at 1 p.m.)
Class: Drafts of all materials due to instructor (page designs, written, video, audio, graphics, etc.) at the beginning of the class (1 p.m.)

Wednesday, May 6
Class: Newsroom (Your group must meet at 1 p.m.)
Presentations of multi-media projects: Q&A
Evaluations of class, peers and self

Each group leader must meet with instructor to review work before it is posted to Web.

All Multi-Media projects must be posted to the Web BEFORE the beginning of the final exam period on May 14 at 1:30 p.m.

Thursday, May 14, at 1:30 p.m.
to 3:30 p.m.
Open lab to work on final project