Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Schedule Oct. 23 through Nov. 1

Standards, Law and Ethics for Online Media

Tuesday, Oct. 23
Report from Online News Association conference in Toronto -- Jeff
Read Chapter 14 in text "Online Standards versus Journalistic Standards"
Introduce Web site critiques "reporting" assignment
Show and Tell of First Reporting Assignment

Thursday, Oct. 25
Guest speaker: Wendy Norris, founder Colorado Confidential Web site, Web editor, blogger and reporter.
Read Chapter 15 in text "Legal Issues Online and Offline"

Tuesday, Oct. 30
Read Chapter 16 in text "Ethics in Cyberland"
Quiz over Chapters 14-16
Introduce Multi-media reporting assignment
Blog Replacement activity: Attend Roger Ogden's lecture at 5 p.m. in North Ballroom of the LSC. Check in with me and get credit for a blog post.

Thursday, Nov. 1
Guest speaker: Mathmatician and journalist Darryl Stafford, CHSPA Adviser of the Year speaks on reporting and writing about statistics
In-class assignment on reporting statistics online
Read "Sacramento journalists use multimedia to bring statistics to life" from OJR
Read "Free Web-based production tools help students invigorate online news projects" from OJR