Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Class Schedule Weeks 3-5

Convergence, Citizen Journalism and the Business of Online Journalism
Monday, Sept. 8
Class: Discussion of reading “State of the News Media: Online Journalism”

Lab: Review First Blog Entries and Revise (Peer Editing Exercise)

Wednesday, Sept. 10
Readings for Class: Chapters 3 and 7 of Briggs
Lab: Begin First Audio Lab Project “Classmate Interview with Photo”

Monday, Sept. 15
Class: “Citizen Journalism”
Readings for Class: “The 11 Layers of Citizen Journalism” by Steve Outing (even if it a bit outdated)
“A Most Useful Definition of Citizen Journalism” by Jay Rosen
Lab: Continue recording interviews and taking photos for audio project

Wednesday, Sept. 17
Class: “Convergence Continuum”
Readings for Class: “Convergence Defined” by Rich Gordon
Lab: Finish audio editing for audio project

Monday, Sept. 22
Class: “News War, Part III” video and discussion
Readings for Class: “Amateur Hour: Journalism Without Journalists” by Nicholas Lemann and

"Putting Newspapers on Trial" about the troubles at the L.A. Times and "monetizing the online product."
Lab: Photo and audio editing and of first audio project

Wednesday, Sept. 24
Class: “News War, Part III” video and discussion completed
Readings for Class: “Five Things All Sane People Agree on about Blogs and Mainstream Journalism” by Steve Berlin Johnson
Lab: View and discuss Lab Project “Classmate Interview”

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Bring your recording devices

Be sure to bring your recording device to class on Wednesday, Sept. 10. Jason and I will introduce the first audio lab project in class, and it's more easily done if you have the proper equipment.

Need to be reminded about the proper equipment? The other part of your assignment for Wednesday is to read Chapter 7 from your e-textbook (along with Chapter 3). There are some ideas in there if you don't already own some way to record audio.