Thursday, August 23, 2007

Class schedule through Sept. 13

Tuesday, Aug. 28

“State of the News Media 2007” Summary PowerPoint
Finish Viewing “News War” and Discuss

Thursday, Aug. 30

Before class: Read articles on convergence/Discuss/Quiz?
" 'New news' retrospective: Is online news reaching its potential?"

“Teaching the Future of Journalism”

"Go to the Web, Young Journalist"

“Hyper-Local Hero” by Chuck Salter

“Bloggers and Citizen Journalists” Summary PowerPoint

Tuesday, Sept. 4

Before class: Read/Discuss articles on Citizen Journalism/Blogs
“Your Guide to Citizen Journalism”

“The 11 Layers of Citizen Journalism”

"Just What is a Blog Anyway?"

“Amateur Hour: Journalism without Journalists” by Nicholas Lemann


“Journalistic Blogging” Summary PowerPoint

Begin Blogging after class

Thursday, Sept. 6

Review first blogging assignments/edit

Read and Discuss articles about Gannett Information Center concept:
From inside Gannett

From outside Gannett

Tuesday, Sept. 11

Road Trip to the Fort Collins Coloradoan,1300 Riverside Avenue
(If you need a ride, a couple of us will meet at the Collegian at 9:30 to carpool)

Meet with Local Editor Miles Blumhardt, reporter Jason Kosena and others to talk about the Gannett Information Center concept

Go to the front entrance and tell them you're with the CSU Online News and Journalism class, and they'll take you where you need to go.

Thursday, Sept. 13

Section Quiz about Convergence, Citizen Journalism and Blogs

Blogs up and running

Seventeen of the 18 students in this class have written their introductory posts for the regular blog requirement. The students will begin twice-a-week journalistic blogging on a variety of topics beginning Sept. 4.

Here are the students (click on the name to access the blog):

Ben Aaker, Mike Albert, Sarah Bauer, Maggie Canty, Jeff Dillon, Nick Hubel, Melanie Huntrods, Brandon Lowrey, Tara Marquis, Ted Mast, Matt Pucak, Justin Roush, Sean Star, Candace Taylor, Chad Taylor, Laura Waldchen and David Welch.

Also, check out Aaron Rognstad and Marcella Burg.

If you're in the class, I later will outline more detailed requirements for your regular posts.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Assignment for Thursday, Aug. 23

Please read the following before class on Thursday:
  1. Preface to Online Journalism by Richard Craig.
  2. Chapter 1, “Why is Online Journalism Different, and Why Should You Care?” Online Journalism text.
  3. Article: "How newspapers can thrive on the World Wide Web" by Robin Miller

Be wary of a potential quiz on Thursday.
Don’t fall behind in readings, as your text will be supplemented by articles.

Thursday’s class:
Review of reading (Quiz?) and discussion
Begin viewing PBS’ “News War, Part III” and discussion