Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Class Schedule through March 25

Here it is, from the end of Week 5 through Week 9 this semester

Wednesday, Feb. 18
Class: "News War, Part III" video and discussion completed
"The Morgue: A reporter's elegy for his dying paper" by Joe Mathews about the Los Angeles Times
"The Scoop Factory: Inside Politico and the brave new world of post-print journalism" from The New Republic
"Battle Plans for Newspapers" from The New York Times
Lab: View and discuss Audio Project; embed audio edited by partner in your page

Reporting and Writing for Online Media
Monday, Feb. 23

Class: "Generating and Focusing Story Ideas"
Lab: Begin generating ideas for Reporting Assignment (See Ram CT for assignment details)

Readings for Class: Chapters 4 and 6 of Briggs
"Distinction Between Bloggers, Journalists Blurring More Than Ever"
by Mark Glaser in MediaShift Arrange carpools for Wednesday's road trip

Wednesday, Feb. 25
Class: Road Trip to Fort Collins Coloradoan, 1300 Riverside Avenue, to discuss the role that multi-media reporting plays in the modern newsroom
Meet in the lobby of the Coloradoan

Monday, March 2
Class: "Web Resources and Databases"Readings for Class: "Wikipedia in the Newsroom" and "Citing Wikipedia" by Donna Shaw, AJR
"Open-Source Journalism: It's a Lot Tougher than You Think"
by Anna Haynes, wired.com

"Give Each Blog Post a Pretty Face" by Chris Brogan about using Flickr's Creative Commons to find photos

Lab: Finalize story ideas and assignments (includes traditional Web writing,audio storytelling and complementary photography)

Wednesday, March 4
Class: "Photo storytelling on the Web"
Readings for Class: Chapter 8 of Briggs
San Francisco State Golden Gate Xpress
Audio Slide Shows with Microsoft Photo Story
Soundslides Tutorial
And Another Tutorial
Or just flickr it in five frames
Lab: Continue working on Reporting Assignment

Monday, March 9

Class: “Online Writing Styles, Hooking and Keeping Readers”
Readings for Class: Writing style for print vs. Web

Review for Mid-Term Exam
Lab: Editing project

Wednesday, March 11
Class: Mid-term essay exam on blogs, citizen journalism, convergence, and online news reporting and writing

Monday, March 23
Class: Work on all aspects of Individual Multi-Media Reporting Project
Lab: Feedback and work on written and audio drafts, which are due at beginning of class

Wednesday, March 25
Lab: Finish and post reporting projects on blog site

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