Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Class Schedule Weeks 3-5

Convergence, Citizen Journalism and the Business of Online Journalism
Monday, Sept. 8
Class: Discussion of reading “State of the News Media: Online Journalism”

Lab: Review First Blog Entries and Revise (Peer Editing Exercise)

Wednesday, Sept. 10
Readings for Class: Chapters 3 and 7 of Briggs
Lab: Begin First Audio Lab Project “Classmate Interview with Photo”

Monday, Sept. 15
Class: “Citizen Journalism”
Readings for Class: “The 11 Layers of Citizen Journalism” by Steve Outing (even if it a bit outdated)
“A Most Useful Definition of Citizen Journalism” by Jay Rosen
Lab: Continue recording interviews and taking photos for audio project

Wednesday, Sept. 17
Class: “Convergence Continuum”
Readings for Class: “Convergence Defined” by Rich Gordon
Lab: Finish audio editing for audio project

Monday, Sept. 22
Class: “News War, Part III” video and discussion
Readings for Class: “Amateur Hour: Journalism Without Journalists” by Nicholas Lemann and

"Putting Newspapers on Trial" about the troubles at the L.A. Times and "monetizing the online product."
Lab: Photo and audio editing and of first audio project

Wednesday, Sept. 24
Class: “News War, Part III” video and discussion completed
Readings for Class: “Five Things All Sane People Agree on about Blogs and Mainstream Journalism” by Steve Berlin Johnson
Lab: View and discuss Lab Project “Classmate Interview”

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