Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Here come the blogs!

Here are the class blogs for this semester. Check back early and often.

Josh Arnold keeps track of the Denver Broncos;
Ryan Breen blogs on sweet, sweet Bluegrass music;
Rebecca Howard blogs on the Colorado music scene;
Lauren Karpiel updates us on the state's snowboarding scene;
Micka King wants us to stay current on indie and alternative music;
Katelyn Mahoney, California girl, left her heart and her blog in San Francisco;
Amy McHone is more than a movie fan, she's a movie blogger;
Joseph O'Malley keeps tabs on Sarah Palin for us;
Ashlee Omerigic lets us know how we can help our four-legged friends;
Angie Pittman is all over CSU football;
Shanna Pittman mines for some interesting nuggets;
Trevor Simonton writes about Colorado politics;
Leslie Stinson is a Mac geek, but that's a good thing;
Kendall Storaci blogs about great sportswriting, and does a little herself;
Rachel Timmons watches "The Office" so you don't have to; and
Mary Warren is our coffee shop queen.


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