Monday, September 17, 2007

Schedule Sept. 18 through Oct. 18

Reporting and Writing for Online Media

Tuesday, Sept. 18
Read and Review Chapter 3 "Generating and Focusing Story Ideas"
Elements of a Digital Story
Online News and Games
Lab Assignment: Developing Story Ideas for first reporting project

Thursday, Sept. 20
Read and Review Chapter 4 "Web Resources and Databases"
Lab Assignment: Focus further and reporting project and begin to develop both online sources and other sources

Tuesday, Sept. 25
Read and Review Chapter 5 "Sources and Interviewing"
Lab: Begin to develop questions and set up interviews for reporting project
Further develop other elements of first reporting projects

Thursday, Sept. 27
Work day for project teams
Final plans for reporting projects due

Tuesday, Oct. 2
Read and Review Chapter 6 "Online Writing Styles"
Lab: In-class writing assignment

Thursday, Oct. 4
Read and Review Chapter 7 "Hooking and Keeping Readers"

Tuesday, Oct. 9
Read and Review Chapter 8 "Revving up Your Writing"
Work individually and in groups on reporting project stories

Thursday, Oct. 11
Journalism Day at CSU

Tuesday, Oct. 16
Read and Review Chapter 9 "The Last Minute(s)"
Lab: Work day on reporting projects

Thursday, Oct. 18
Fine tune stories and other information for reporting projects, which are due at 11:40 a.m.

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